Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ephram at Nine Months

Another healthy month! Summertime is such a blessing for the boys' allergies! Ephram's love of snuggles continues. Pretty much any time you pick him up he will burrow his head into your shoulder. I love it so much and will miss it when he stops. He is still my big boy and we are still squeezing him into the infant car seat. I very rarely carry him in it anymore though. It is just way to heavy that way!

Ephram continues to be a great sleeper. He naps in the morning for about an hour around 10 and in the afternoon for two hours around 2 and then he goes to bed around 8:15 at night and gets up around 8 the next morning. This boy loves to sleep as much as his mommy and daddy do!

Another month without any doctor's appointments. We have gotten better about doing the massage with vitamin E oil and the spectra gel again. It is amazing to me how his scar changes just in the course of a day. I will look at him and barely even see it and then later on I will look and there it is plain as day. I know it will continue to change as he grows. We have an appointment with his surgeon next month, so we will see what Dr. Smith has to say about it.

Food is probably his greatest love right now. He will eat anything you put in front of him. We have introduced a lot of finger foods this month. He has been enjoying cheerios, blueberries, ground beef, squash, bell peppers, carrots, and beans. I love this stage where he can feed himself. It allows for everyone to enjoy dinner together which is awesome. He is still drinking four bottles a day, but he has cut back to about 6 ounces each time. We also started giving him a sippy cup with water at dinner. Wills did not transition well to sippy cups, so we are trying to start earlier this time.

Nine Month Stats:
Weight: 23 lbs
Clothing size: 9 to 12 months and 12 months for tops and bottoms
Must haves; wubanub, lillebaby carrier, bob double jogging stroller, anything Wills' is playing with
Milestones: waving, army crawling, pulling up

Brothers side by side:

Wills                            Ephram

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  1. He's adorable and getting so big!! Miss you guys!!