Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, October 17, 2013

OKC Shower

Last Thursday, our friends here in Oklahoma City threw us a surprise shower. Unfortunately, Charles ended up working late, so he didn't get to make it. This also means I have a grand total of two pictures from the gathering.

Wills had a great time at the O'Neal's house, making himself right at home. He was in Dash's room and he took off his shoes and crawled up in bed, got under the covers, and leaned against the wall to watch TV. I couldn't even get him to come out for cake!

Speaking of cake, how adorable is this cake they had for us?

And here are a few of our kiddos having dinner. They were all at the table together for about two minutes.

It was so thoughtful of our friends here to do this for us. I am so thankful for our OKC "family".

Friday, October 11, 2013

Last weekend in Arkansas for a while

The last weekend in September, we headed to Arkansas one last time before Te2 arrives.

We spent Saturday at the farm. Wills got to pick some pumpkins from Grammy's pumpkin patch and Papaw took him to see the cows. He apparently let everyone know that they are his cows by yelling "my cows" over and over. He got filthy and actually needed a bath before nap.

We have season tickets to the Razorback games and were able to make 3/5 home games this season. We played Texas A&M this time and unfortunately, not only was it raining, but we lost too. Thankfully it wasn't a cold rain and only did it during the 3rd quarter, so it was actually a pretty fun game other than the loss.

On Sunday, my sister and two of my roommates from college threw me a baby shower. This was so sweet of them. It was great to see so many friends that I don't always have the opportunity to see when we are in town. They were all so thoughtful and definitely helped with the second child neglect. Te2 got a lot of cute things!

We likely won't be back in Arkansas until the holidays. This was a great last weekend for a while!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Wills' big boy room

Since we are having another boy and the nursery is the closest room to our room, we decided instead of doing a new nursery further away, we would give Wills a new big boy room and keep the nursery as is for Te2. If you spend any amount of time with Wills you will notice that he is obsessed with all things transportation, particularly buses and trains. This is why his birthday was school bus themed and now why his new room is transportation themed. We tried to not theme it out too much, that way when he decides to have an opinion about his room decor, it will be easy to change out. We also decided we were not quite ready for him to be in a toddler bed just yet. We like the idea of him being contained, particularly with the upcoming arrival of baby brother. This means we purchased another convertible crib for his room. This way, when we are ready we can just convert to the toddler bed. Here is hoping that this is still many months away!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Annual Halloween Costume Party!

Wills hosted his annual Halloween Costume Party today. This is likely his last one too. Since his little brother will be born in October, he will be having Halloween Birthday parties for as long as I can get away with it!

After all the festivities and opportunities Wills had to wear his costume last year, I decided to put more effort into his costume and actually made it myself. Unfortunately, this is the year he decided to be opinionated about his costume, and he refuses to wear it. We got it on him long enough for a couple of pictures. Hopefully as the month goes on he will warm up to it.

Wills is a donut, I am a contestant on the Biggest Loser, and Charles is Bob Harper, one of the trainers on the show. I love the Biggest Loser and our entire household loves donuts, so I really thought this was a winning idea. Wills did not really agree.

Here we are in our skeleton shirts so we could at least still be festive without being in costume. Charles still has his fake tattoo sleeves on. He said he was chilly. :)

This was our lowest turnout for the party so far. We had some sick little ones and I also think having it the very first weekend in October might have been a little too early for some. I just wasn't willing to risk it any later in the month since we only have 2 1/2 weeks until our due date!

This year costumes included Kermit the Frog, a mermaid (there were supposed to be two, but someone else was also boycotting her costume!), a chicken, Thor, a bat and an astronaut. The weather was unbelievably nice, so we just let the kids run around and play outside. I had planned on some crafts and had a bean bag toss game, but decided to pass on the organized activities this year.

I also kept it low key on the food this year and tried to keep things as easy as possible while still being festive.

Party favors were smores kits. They each have two graham crackers, a small Hershey bar and a pumpkin marshmallow.  

Overall, a great start to all our Halloween festivities!