Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, October 7, 2013

Wills' big boy room

Since we are having another boy and the nursery is the closest room to our room, we decided instead of doing a new nursery further away, we would give Wills a new big boy room and keep the nursery as is for Te2. If you spend any amount of time with Wills you will notice that he is obsessed with all things transportation, particularly buses and trains. This is why his birthday was school bus themed and now why his new room is transportation themed. We tried to not theme it out too much, that way when he decides to have an opinion about his room decor, it will be easy to change out. We also decided we were not quite ready for him to be in a toddler bed just yet. We like the idea of him being contained, particularly with the upcoming arrival of baby brother. This means we purchased another convertible crib for his room. This way, when we are ready we can just convert to the toddler bed. Here is hoping that this is still many months away!

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