Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, October 17, 2013

OKC Shower

Last Thursday, our friends here in Oklahoma City threw us a surprise shower. Unfortunately, Charles ended up working late, so he didn't get to make it. This also means I have a grand total of two pictures from the gathering.

Wills had a great time at the O'Neal's house, making himself right at home. He was in Dash's room and he took off his shoes and crawled up in bed, got under the covers, and leaned against the wall to watch TV. I couldn't even get him to come out for cake!

Speaking of cake, how adorable is this cake they had for us?

And here are a few of our kiddos having dinner. They were all at the table together for about two minutes.

It was so thoughtful of our friends here to do this for us. I am so thankful for our OKC "family".

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