Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Storybook Forest 2013

The boycott of the donut costume continued. This time I couldn't even get Wills into one of his Halloween shirts. We decided to hit up the Storybook Forest with the Fong family on Wednesday October 23rd since we had scheduled Te2's induction for the next day. My mom was here to go with us, which is a good thing since Charles wasn't able to make until much later. Chasing Wills around while I was 40 weeks pregnant was pretty exhausting and I was grateful for the help.

So it turns out spending the evening with the Fong family can induce labor. We went to dinner with them the night before I went into labor with Wills and we spent this evening with them knowing I would be induced the following morning. The induction wasn't needed and labor began all on it's own. If there is ever a Te3, you can bet I will try spending more time with the Fong's and skip the labor inducing pizza we tried!

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