Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, November 11, 2013

Doctor's Appointments

Ephram's first week of life was full of appointments.

Because there was no palate involvement, we were actually able to nurse. This was not something I was expecting and I was so excited that it was now a possibility. Ephram lost the normal amount of weight while in the hospital, however we only stayed 24 hours so we had to go back in for a weight check on Sunday. When we did, he had lost more weight, but still not enough to be too concerned. We went back in for another weight check on Tuesday and he had gained weight, so we thought things were looking good. Nursing was still very painful, so our pediatrician decided to clip his tongue tie. This really did make nursing less painful. Another weight check on Thursday and he had lost weight again. At this point we realized we were having the same problem we had with Wills which was low supply. I just wasn't making enough to keep up with him. Again, this was so disappointing, but I just reminded myself that the ability for us to even try nursing was a blessing. We are now on the pumping/formula path. The plan is to make it through the winter and then reevaluate if I want to continue pumping or if we will just go to formula full time.

Ephram also had his first appointment with his Dr. Smith at OU on Tuesday. They did an exam and confirmed what we already knew, incomplete unilateral cleft lip with gum line notch. They then told us the new game plan. Ephram will have his lip repair between 8 and 10 weeks of age. The gum line will not be repaired until his permanent teeth start to come in, sometime between age 5 and 7. This means only two surgeries! Again, what a blessing! We scheduled the lip repair for January 8th. What we know so far is that he can't eat for 6 hours prior to surgery, it should take about an hour, they will keep him overnight, and he will have to eat with a syringe for 3 days following surgery. We go in on January 6th for our pre op appointment and I am sure we will learn even more at that appointment.

On Friday, we had to go back to the hospital to have Ephram's hearing checked. He had referred on his left ear, but since we only stayed for 24 hours, they weren't able to check it again prior to us being discharged. We had actually went by my office earlier in the week for me to check his hearing and he passed, so we weren't worried. They rechecked his hearing and he passed on both sides for them as well.

That's a lot of appointments for the first week of life!

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