Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Father's Day

The Saturday of Father's Day weekend, the Heart Hospital had their family carnival. It was really great. There were rides and games and food. And it was all indoors! Charles damped down his serious dislike of swings and rode them with Wills because I was way too pregnant!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Baby Showers

I actually had 3 baby showers for Te3. This seems a little excessive for a third baby, but it just shows how much love there is for her before she even got here!

My first baby shower was in Arkansas. My sister Sara and my cousin Tara hosted it. It was beautiful and I loved getting to see all my friends at the same time. It doesn't happen enough!

The second shower was at work. My friends Jill and Kris put it together for my friend Johnna and I. Johnna was due on July 5th. We ended up having our girls exactly 1 month apart! The C on the table is for Charlotte and the A is for Johnna's little girl, Amelia.

Our third shower was thrown by our friends that we have dinner with Wednesday night here in OK. I somehow managed to not get a single picture from this one! I am going to blame it on the fact that the boys were swimming and Charles was late!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Since we were supposed to have a pool for the summer and didn't, I looked for something the boys could do indoors other than the Science Museum. I knew it would quickly get too hot for the zoo and the park. Soccer City has a Lil' Kickers program and it is group soccer classes, but a lot more like play time. I signed both boys up. Ephram's class required an adult to participate with him, so our nanny Hannah did that. Wills was in a class on his own. And I truly mean on his own. There were no other kids enrolled in his class time, so he actually ended up getting private soccer lessons all summer! After our soccer experience last fall, I wasn't really sure how he would do, but he actually loved it. Ephram is another story. Hannah says he would participate for about 5 minutes and then that was it. She said most of the kids in his class were like that too though, so maybe it's just his age.

Florida 2015

We take an annual trip to Grayton Beach every year with my sister's family and my mom. Ephram's godparents went the same week last year and it was so fun, they decided to go when we did again this year. The original plan was to go the week of July 4th like in years past, but I would be too pregnant to travel then, so we moved it to the first week in June. We liked it so much, we may switch to this week! We have also been renting a different house every year, but I think we found our perfect fit this year!

Te 3

We found out we were expecting Te3 in November. Three has always been our number for how many children we wanted, so of course we were excited! I was pretty positive Te3 was a boy, but Charles said girl again. I have said boy every time and he has said girl. He finally got to be right! Here are some ultrasound pictures and a bump photo at 32 weeks. This was the only bump photo I took with Ephram, so the only way to compare all three pregnancies.

Te3                                             Ephram                                             Wills

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The last weekend in May, the boys and I headed to Arkansas for the rodeo! Charles was on call, so he stayed at home with the dogs. The boys had a great time! They got to hang out with their cousins, eat cotton candy, ride a horse and Papa bought them new cowboy hats!

Memorial Day weekend in Tulsa

Since our house was under major renovations, we traveled quite a bit this spring. Memorial Day weekend we decided we just couldn't handle a long weekend with not kitchen or backyard, so we headed to Tulsa. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Jenks and it was pretty kid friendly. Our room had a king size bed and an alcove that had bunk beds and fit the pack n play. Wills slept on the bottom bunk and Ephram slept in his pack n play. We spent some time at the indoor pool, went to the Jenks aquarium and met up with Charles' parents and sister because they were house hunting in Tulsa that weekend too. It made for a great little getaway!

End of School Program

Wills had his end of school program on May 21st. They sang some songs and each child had a part to do. Wills' got to hold the flag and lead us all in the Pledge of Allegiance! He did a great job. The program was almost 45 minutes, so by the end most of the kids were DONE. Several ended up coming out and sitting in the audience with their parents, and Wills was one of them.


My sister and I waited 20 years to see New Kids On The Block in concert. It was worth it! We had a great time. Thankfully I threw a couple of sets of hearing protection in my bag as I was leaving work to go to the concert. We both wore our hearing protection and felt we heard the concert just great! When we went to the ladies room after, every one was screaming at each other. Obviously they did not wear their ear plugs!