Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Since we were supposed to have a pool for the summer and didn't, I looked for something the boys could do indoors other than the Science Museum. I knew it would quickly get too hot for the zoo and the park. Soccer City has a Lil' Kickers program and it is group soccer classes, but a lot more like play time. I signed both boys up. Ephram's class required an adult to participate with him, so our nanny Hannah did that. Wills was in a class on his own. And I truly mean on his own. There were no other kids enrolled in his class time, so he actually ended up getting private soccer lessons all summer! After our soccer experience last fall, I wasn't really sure how he would do, but he actually loved it. Ephram is another story. Hannah says he would participate for about 5 minutes and then that was it. She said most of the kids in his class were like that too though, so maybe it's just his age.

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