Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, September 1, 2014


Wills started preschool on Wednesday, August 13th at Christ the King in Oklahoma City. The school is at the parish that we belong too, so it was a really familiar place for him on the first day. We did have to explain a few times that we were going to school and not church. That first day, we got there at 10 and Charles and I both went to class with him. They did some introductory songs and games for the first 30 minutes, then the children went out on the playground with two of their teachers (he has 3, Ms. Holmboe, Ms. Kirt and Ms. Harrison) and the parents stayed back for a parent meeting. This went really well. When it was over and I went to get him, he told me he wasn't ready to leave.

The next day was his first official day of school. I drop him off at 8:15 and his nanny picks him up at 11:15. He goes three days a week, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Parents are asked to hand their child off to a teacher at the hallway and then the child walks to his classroom on his own. Wills had no problem with this and didn't look back at me once.

Thursdays are show and tell day, so of course we took a train :)

He seems to really be enjoying school this year. He will actually talk about things they are learning (bee hives and bees) and sing songs (If you're happy and you know it). I am really looking forward to seeing how much he learns and grows this year!

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