Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ephram at Eight Months

Yay for another healthy month! We didn't even need allergy medicine this month. It is so nice to have two healthy boys right now. Ephram continues to be a snuggly boy and loves to be held. I still love holding him, but he is getting so heavy! We get lots of comments about his size. He is still in the infant car seat, so when you add his weight to the car seat, it is at least 40 lbs. I can tell I use my left arm to carry him the most, because it actually has a little muscle!

I continue to be so thankful that we have another good sleeper. He is even better than Wills. If Ephram falls asleep in the car, he might wake up when you get him out, but he has no issues going back to sleep once you put him in his crib. He also will nap on the go a lot more easily than Wills did. This is probably because he doesn't have a choice. Wills' morning activities dictate when and how Ephram can nap in the morning. Afternoon nap is still sacred for both boys and we always try to be home for it!

No doctor's appointments this month! That is so nice to write. His scar continues to fade. Some days it is more noticeable than others. We are not as diligent with the massage and scar fade as we were, and need to get back into the habit. We have been trying to be good about using sunscreen on it anytime we are out.

This child loves food. I don't think he has an off switch either. He continues to eat 4 bottles a day, 7 to 8 oz each. He also is eating 2-3 oz of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We started giving him these organic baby biscuits on occasion. They are super messy, but they allow me to eat my own meal without having to multitask quite so much.

Eight Month Stats:
Weight: 20.4 lbs
Clothing size: 9 months for tops, 9 to 12 months for tops and bottoms and 12 months for bottoms.
Must haves: wubanub, lillebaby carrier, our dogs,
Milestones: He started rolling to get places. You can't put him down and expect him to still be there if you walk away.

Brothers side by side:

Wills                                Ephram

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  1. Adorable boys. I can't wait until we live closer!