Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wills is 3!

I cannot believe another year has flown by! Wills turns three today! He has had a lot of big changes over the last year.

He started pre school at Erna Krouch. His teachers were Ms. Sharon and Ms. Jill. We could not have asked for a better first school experience. They were so good to him and even called him their "angel baby". Charles and I are thankful he is an angel for others, even if he isn't always for us!

Wills became a big brother. This was pretty rough on him. He didn't want much to do with Ephram and became extra attached to me. Things have slowly been improving over the last 9 months. He will tell Ephram he loves him and give him kisses goodnight. He has been known to "read" to him and occasionally share his toys with him. Never the trains though!

We lost our nanny in May. She had been with us since Wills was 10 weeks old. He has handled the transition to new nannies really well. A friend's daughter has been helping us out over the summer while we looked for someone new. We hired a new more permanent nanny and she started a couple of weeks ago.

We took a long weekend in May and did potty training. Overall I am really proud of how he did. He still has the occasional accident when he is having too much fun to stop and go and sometimes at nap time too. He wears undies all day, but we do put him in pull ups at night. 

We had his big celebration with friends and family last weekend at the Oklahoma City Railway Museum. He had a wonderful time. I will do a full post on just the party another day.

Interview with Wills:
What is your name? Nothing (he actually said nothing)
How old are you? Three
What color is your hair? This color right here (points at his head)
What color are your eyes? Brown
What's your favorite toy? Diesel 10 (a Thomas train)
What's your favorite animal? Elephants, no STINGRAYS!
What's your favorite show? Thomas
What's your favorite book? Train (by Elisha Cooper)
What's your favorite food? French Toast
Who is your best friend? Holly
Who sleeps in your bed with you? Thomas, Paxton and Belle

Loves: PB and Jelly, grapes, applesauce, french fries, ketchup, milk, books, puzzles, trains, swimming, movie night
Dislikes: Pizza, dance parties, sharing, just about any vegetable other than corn, carrots and broccoli

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