Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Week

A lot has happened for our little family in the last week.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Sunday, September 26th by going out for sushi and eating some wedding cake (recreated by a local bakery in Edmond).

Dark chocolate cake with mint buttercream frosting...yum!

We also closed on our first home together on Tuesday, September 28th. 

It has been a busy week and there are lots of details to share!


  1. Not quite sure how I didn't know that you had a blog, but I LOVE it!! What a great idea!! Congrats on your new house and 1st anniversary!! =) Hope you guys are coming to the Fort soon!! Missing you bunches!! There is going to be a fun Halloween party on the 29th if you guys are in town...Wingnut is playing. I am sure you got the FB invite.


  2. I keep checking for new posts... ;) it was really good to see you guys in NYC. i'll let you know if i'm gonna be home for any of the holidays.