Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Friday, October 15, 2010

New York City Part 1

Last weekend we headed to NYC for Mike and Debbie's wedding.

It did not start off so great. We actually overslept and missed our flight. In our defense, it was a 5:45 am flight and we made it to the airport by 5:40 am, but there was no way to get through security in time. We got bumped to the 6:40 am flight and were still in NYC by 2pm, so it all worked out. It seems only right we would do this, since Mike and Debbie overslept when they were heading to Arkansas for our wedding.

Once we arrived, we took a cab to the upper east side where our hotel was. We tried to check in and were told they had oversold and we were being bumped to another hotel that was on the upper west side. So we hop in another cab and head over to the Hotel Empire.

It was in a really good location. Better than the original hotel actually. We were right across from Lincoln center and a stop on the redline for the subway.

First thing we did was head down to Century 21 to do some shopping. Sad to say, but we actually spent several hours there. We then headed back uptown to shower and get ready for the evening. On our walk back to the hotel, we stopped at Gray's Papaya so Charles good have a pre dinner snack.

We then met college friend Kelli and new friends (for Charles) Rob and Kevin for dinner at a little Thai place. I thought it was really tasty, but that may be the bottle of wine talking. =) I have no pictures from dinner...I'm a bad blogger.
We then headed to a bar down in Chelsea for Mike and Debbie's pre-wedding party.

Charles and Mike

Charles being silly and getting chalk all over his jacket

Mike, me, Charles

That ended around midnight, so we then headed back uptown to meet Kelli, Rob, and Kevin at another place that I can't remember the name of.

Charles peeking through the window

Me and Kelli

Charles and Rob....peeking though the window was obviously a fun activity

I feel like we got a lot done in less than half a day in New York.

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