Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Handy Men

When we bought our new house, there wasn't too much we wanted to change on the inside. But there was one thing that for sure had to go and that was the vanity in the master bathroom. It was way too  modern for our old house and claw foot tub. It had joysticks for the water to come out. I mean seriously!

Charles and I went back and forth over trying to install the new vanity ourselves or paying Lowe's for installation. When they quoted us $340 for installation, plus another $60 to test for lead based paint, we decided it was worth trying on our own. Luckily, Charles' best man from our wedding is pretty handy and did a lot of work to his house. We called Josh and asked how difficult it would be and he said exactly what I wanted him too. "It's not hard, I'll come over and help you do it." Thank goodness for Josh.

There were definitely a few bumps in the road. Removing the current sink/vanity went smoothly. Unfortunately when they went and unboxed the cabinet for the new one, it had a huge crack down the side. So the boys loaded it into the car and went to exchange it. They went to the Lowe's they were told had one in stock only to find out they didn't, so they had to go to another one. Then they had to go to a third to buy some parts. The installation was going well until they realized some of the parts from the old sink were not compatible to the new sink. This prompted a Wal-Mart run since it was after 10:30pm. Finally, close to 11:30 the new sink was in place. Overall the whole process took about 6 hours (including a dinner break).

I'm not sure Charles feels like it was worth it, but I certainly do. We learned something new, got to spend some time with Josh, and saved about $400. I think it was totally a win!

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  1. the new cabinet is cute, and looks a lot better than the cockpit-of-a-spaceship that was there before!! The light is a little modern, too, if you've got a clawfoot tub in there!