Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hi there!

I am a newlywed (10 months and counting!) who loves her husband (Charles) and her dog (Holly). Traveling, reading, cooking, and shopping are some of my favorite activities. I have recently started running and think I might be getting addicted. People start blogs for a lot of different reasons and I have several of my own. Here they are in no particular order:

1: I feel like I don't remember things as well as I used to. Little things that aren't important or I should have let go of a long time ago (Ex: Remember my graduation honey? Oh that's right, you overslept and weren't there) are easy to remember. But I have a hard time remembering dates of trips I went on or when big events in my life happened.
2: I can't start a diary or a journal. My handwriting is so poor, I can't even read it myself sometimes.
3: I love to cook and end up tweaking recipes to fit what I like, but I am horrible at keeping up with the successful changes. If I blog about them, I will always be able to go back and find my winning recipe. 
4: We have family all over the world. I think this will be a super easy way for everyone to keep up with us without actually having to talk to us. I know this sounds bad, but everyone is so busy these days and sometimes it is nice to be able to read a quick update instead of making a phone call.
5: I hate to exercise and I love sweets and coke (the drink, not the drug). I am hoping that this blog will help me stay accountable. I started running back in February using the couch to 5k program from Since then I have been doing it on a semi regular basis, but I would like for it to be more consistent so I can build up my endurance and work on my speed. 

So there are my 5 main reasons for starting a blog. Random and unrelated, but there you go. Enjoy my ramblings and likely not important to you activities! Comments, recommendations, advice, etc are always welcome.

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