Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Friday, August 13, 2010


Since I have been back from Mexico, I have not been feeling so great. Some kind of stomach bug. I think it is working its course, I just wish it would hurry the hell up. Anyway, my sweet husband has been feeling sorry for me, so he went and bought me cup cakes from a new place in Edmond. It is called Cupcakes To Go Go. All of their cupcakes have a travel themed name. He bought me Route 66 Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream Capped Mountains, and Leaning Tower of Peanut Butter. I think the cookies and cream one was my favorite, which is a bit of a surprise, since I love chocolate and peanut butter. Overall, they were good cupcakes. I thought the cake part was a little dry, but the frosting was pretty good. Presentations is definitely good. Take a look:

I love the fact that they have a drive thru, and I definitely want to try the Emerald Isle cupcake (mint chocolate), so I know we will try it again. 

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