Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, December 23, 2013

Saturday with Santa

Every Saturday since Thanksgiving, Devon Energy has set up Santa's workshop for kids to come do crafts, listen to music, ride a mini train, and of course, meet Santa Clause. We attempted a Santa picture with Wills the weekend after Thanksgiving and it was a bust. We had heard great things about this event, so we decided to give it another shot.

We checked in when we got there and were put on the wait list to see Santa. We would be sent a text message when it was our turn. We headed over to Santa's workshop to wait. While there, we made a train, a reindeer, a Grinch and a Santa beard. We also did a little dancing with Spaghetti Eddie, climbed around in the sleigh and on the train. Unfortunately the train wasn't running today due to the icy weather. We had been there about an hour and we got the text that it was our turn. By this point, Wills was kind of at the end of his patience, so we had extremely low expectations. We decided to do Ephram first just in case Wills had a melt down, then at least Ephram would have a decent Santa picture. Thankfully Wills cooperated and we got a photo of both boys with Santa. Just like all previous Santa photos, no smile, but no tears either!

We are 38th in line for Santa.

Making Santa's beard.

Playing with our reindeer. 

Ephram needed a snack.

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