Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Train

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Grammy kept Ephram so Wills, Charles and I could go on the Christmas train. We went with cousin Ethan and our friend Bryson. If the train had not been an hour late arriving, I think the experience would have been a lot better. It was tough keeping him occupied while we waited. The look on his face when the train pulled in made it totally worth it though!

Unsuccessful Santa photo. He wouldn't let me put him down.

Bribed with a fruit snack.

Trying to photograph the 3 boys together. 

It's finally here!

He tried to climb through the fence to get to it! 
Being bribed with cheetos to wait patiently.

Holding on to all of our tickets. 

Excited to be on the train!

Worn out from all the waiting.

Enjoying a candy cane on the ride back.

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