Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Friday, March 8, 2013

First pair of glasses

So those of you that know Charles and I well, know that we both have very poor vision and have been wearing glasses since the tender age of 5 and 4 respectively. Due to this, and a few little signs with Wills (super klutzy, eyes cross occasionally), I decided it was time to see an ophthalmologist. We took him to Children's Eye Care and saw Dr. Richard who has specialized in pediatric ophthalmology for over 30 years. The staff was super nice and Dr. Richard was amazing with Wills.

Checking out the fish while we wait to be called back

In case you're curious about the process, they took us back to a room and a nurse asked me some questions, looked in Wills' eyes, and then had me hold him down so she could dilate his eyes. He recovered from that and she sent us back out to the waiting room to wait for 20 minutes so his eyes could fully dilate. After that wait, we went back to an exam room and then Dr. Richard came in to see Wills. He looked in Wills' eyes and immediately said "He is nearsighted". He then put these lens-less glasses on him and then dropped in different levels of prescription to find the right ones. Wills is a -3.5 in each eye. Dr. Richard said this was kind of a lot for one so young, but that Charles and I have a lot of vision impairment for anyone, and you can't fight genetics.

Eating some goldfish while we wait for his eyes to dilate

We went directly to the optical shop and I just went with what they recommended. His glasses are supposed to be virtually indestructible and they have a 1 time replacement in the first year. They came in today, so we started wearing them when I got home from work. He was not great about keeping them on. He did wear them while we watched Curious George, did facetime with my parents, and during our story time. Hopefully he will adjust to them quickly and wear them consistently.

Watching Curious George. He is wearing headphones because we are practicing for our plane ride to Philly.

FaceTime with Grammy and Papaw

Reading "The Gruffalo"

I will say, he is pretty adorable in his new glasses!


  1. he is so adorable in his wittle glasses. btw, i think arlo and wills could pass as brothers.

    1. Thanks Euna! And I agree, they totally could pass for brothers. Especially if we keep letting Wills' hair grow out!