Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

19 months

So the plan was to do an update at 18 months when Wills had his 18 month well baby visit. Unfortunately, he was not well for that appointment and it had to be rescheduled to today. So this is actually a 19 month update. Thankfully he is finally well. He is still suffering from some pretty nasty allergies and is one snotty kid with the occasional cough. However, he is a much happier little man than he has been the past month or so. At our well check today, Wills got two shots and handled them like a champ. The only change to our day was that he took an awesome nap this afternoon!

Wills did finally start walking in November. The walking didn't last long though. His pace is usually a run follow by some sort of fall or crash. He is definitely not the most graceful of kiddos. I can't imagine where his klutziness comes from. He still loves to read. He will bring you book after book to read to him. Today was my day home with him and we probably read books for at least an hour of the day. I am so thankful he loves to read and really hope this sticks as he grows older. His appetite was really poor while he was sick, but since getting better he has become a bottomless pit. Unfortunately he is a very opinionated bottomless pit. If it is a fruit or a carb he is all over it. If it is a meat, it is questionable. And if it is a vegetable, particularly a green one, it is a big no. I continue to offer vegetables at every opportunity hoping that his is just a phase. 

Wills' language has really progressed over the last few months. It's not all intelligible, but he is really trying. The words he has that we can actually understand and are correctly used in context are: Mamma, Daddy, ball, dog, hi, bye, baby, duck, banana, balloon, uh oh, shoe, bath, boot, please and Stella. Stella is his little girlfriend that he sees several times a week. He also does the sounds for cow, owl, snake, dog, sheep and train. He consistently points at all his body parts when asked and he still loves to give high fives. Charles has been trying to teach him knuckles, but Wills always just uses his pointer finger to touch Charles' fist. When Wills was around 6 months old, we tried some baby sign language with him and we though he just never really picked it up. Apparently we were wrong, and he now signs "eat" when he wants to eat and he signs "more" when he wants more of something, whether that is more food or more books.  

Wills now has 16 teeth. His first set of molars came in while he was sick. No surprise there. I am sure that played a part in how sad and fussy he was during his sickness. We still brush his teeth everyday, but for some reason he likes doing it while he is in the bathtub. If you brush his teeth in the tub he is more than happy to let you get a good brush in. If we forget and try to do it after, oh my goodness, you would think we were torturing him. 

Nineteen Month Stats:
Weight: 25 lbs 5 oz, 38%
Length: 33.5 inches, 75%
Head Circumference: 49.53 cm, 86%
Clothing Size: 12 to 18 month tops, 18 to 24 month bottoms
Nicknames: Buddy, little man, big man, dude
Must haves: Books, basketballs, cozy truck, shopping cart, Holly

This time last year, we were driving back and forth to Stillwater to visit Holly in the ICU. We truly thought she was not going to make it. Thank goodness she did, because this little boy thinks she is pretty awesome. He always pets her and he does a pretty good job of being gentle. He will go and sit right beside her on her bed and just hang out. Today he actually went and laid down in her bed with her and stayed there snuggling her. He does like to harass her too though. He likes to put her food in her water bowl so it gets soggy and he likes to chase her around the house with his shopping cart. We are working on stopping both of those things. When he isn't chasing her with his shopping cart, I think the love is mutual! 

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