Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sesame Street Live

Wills' Aunt Erin asked us if we wanted to join her and Hudson for Sesame Street Live. I immediately said yes! After our experience two weeks ago at Great Wolf Lodge (it was awful, Wills was terrified, thus no blog post), I was a little concerned that the crowd, the noise and the creatures would send us running. Thankfully I had nothing to be concerned about. Wills did surprisingly well. He danced in his seat and clapped a long. It was about 30 minutes with an intermission and another 30 minutes. The last 15 minutes, Wills was done. I can't blame him. I was done too! 

They had a play zone open before the show. Wills wanted to push all the buttons and I had a hard time keeping him from cutting in front of other kids or photo bombing other peoples pictures. 

Our seats were pretty perfect. An entire row just for us and close to a side stage that the characters would come dance on. 

We found out Wills loves popcorn. He kept harassing poor Hudson. Thankfully Hudson is a generous little guy and was more than willing to share. 

And here we are at home playing with our $10 Elmo balloon. When I looked around and saw all the surrounding kids with light up wands, sno cones, t shirts and all kind of other things, I felt a little less crazy for paying that much for a balloon. The fact that he hugged it immediately after we got it and has been playing with it since we have been home helps too!

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