Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wills getting social

We absolutely love our nanny and feel so blessed that she is taking care of Wills. Unfortunately, he seems to be taking after Charles and I both and is somewhat introverted, especially around people he doesn't know very well. Because of this, we decided to enroll him in a couple of classes to give him more opportunities for social interactions.

He goes to Gymboree class every Tuesday morning with his nanny. They have tunnels, and fluffy mats, and slides, and all sorts of things to climb. He loves it! They have open play a couple times a week and Charles and I have been able to take him to that. I also got to take him to class the week of Thanksgiving. He has such a good time. (Please excuse the poor quality iPhone photos.)

This fall, he was also enrolled in Kindermusik. It was every Monday night and I got to take him to this. Sometimes Charles would get off in time and get to go with us. He was in the youngest class which goes up to 18 months. They get a bag with a cd, some baby friendly instruments, and a book. The whole class is centered around music. Ms. Ginger is an amazing teacher. You feel a bit like a fool while you are in there, but the babies love it and that is what counts! We have signed Wills up for the spring semester and he will get to move up to the next age group. He was one of the oldest this semester, so I am excited to see how he does with the older kids in the spring.

Wills and his certificate of "Enthusiastic Participation"!

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