Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Since Wills is still too young to get into the whole Santa thing, he woke up at his usual time which is around 8. We went straight to his high chair for breakfast and he didn't even notice that Santa had visited and left a few things. After breakfast, we got down to business with his presents.

Santa brought a Cozy Truck

Wills thought it was awesome. He stayed in it pretty much the whole time and his Daddy and I opened the rest of his presents.

Holly and her treats.

Wills' stocking loot. A dinosaur hoodie, bath paint, little people super friends, a hippo ornament, and a new diaper. He is super excited about the new diaper =) It's the New York diaper and it has taxis on it. 

He got out of his truck when he saw Daddy playing his drum. 

His monster feet house shoes. He can't stand them. I am hopping if I leave them out he will start to love them like he did his hats. 

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