Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Wills wore his costume four more times this week. We went to our friend Donavan's birthday party last Saturday, Trunk or Treat at our church last Sunday, then he wore it to his Kindermusik class on Monday, and then finally he got to wear it for Halloween. We got way more action out of his costume than I ever expected!

Having some pineapples at the birthday party

The birthday boy and Ethan playing with new toys

Excited about going to Trunk or Treat

Headed home with his loot (that he did not get to eat)

Baby massage at Kindermusik

We went trick or treating with our friends the Fong's. The daddies stayed at the Fong house to hand out candy while the mommies did the trick or treating. Hudson walked door to door and did the real work, while the little boys got pulled around in a wagon. I think they definitely learned some good tips for next year. Hudson was always so polite to wait his turn and say "thank you". 

Side note: I felt the need to leave out a bucket of candy at our house since we weren't there. I was prepared for the candy to be all gone when we got home, which it was. Unfortunately my cute pumpkin bucket that it was in was also gone! I was very disappointed and will not be doing that again next year!

Ready for bed after a fun night of Trick or Treating

With all the opportunities Wills had to wear his costume this year, I will definitely be willing to put in a little more effort next year! I have no memory of wearing my Halloween costume any other time than on Halloween, so I just had no idea he would wear his so much!

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  1. I'm sorry, but I believe you have been a princess for like 15+ years....I think that is good use of a costume!