Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Storybook Forest

Wills' second opportunity to wear his costume was tonight. We headed to Lake Arcadia and went to the Storybook Forest. We met up with the Fong family and strolled through the forest full of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Wills had a great time!

 Waiting in line

 Parker and Wills

Hudson, Parker and Wills

The dish ran away with the spoon

His favorite part by far!

Two of the three pigs houses

Trying to pull the sword from the stone


It was definitely a good thing we went early! They opened at 5:30 and we parked our car at exactly 5:30 and there was already a line to get into the park and then another line to get into the forest. I think it was well worth the wait and the $5 and I think Wills will have an even better time next year!

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