Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2nd Annual Halloween Party!

This afternoon Wills hosted his 2nd Annual Halloween Party. I had every intention of taking individual pictures of all the little ones as they arrived. Unfortunately, I got distracted and didn't do it. We had lots of cute costumes this year so I am really bummed I didn't follow through on this. I think we managed to get just about everyone at some point. I am definitely going to be a better photographer next year!

Our little Hippo

The food table

Parker the Shark

Hippo with his zoo keepers

Parker, Wills, and Stella

Annie, otherwise known as Blaine

Aunt Janice as a "Te" cup

Sydney the pig

The two princesses, Bailey and Sophie

Our attempts at a group photo

I love Halloween and today was just the start of several fun things we have in store over the next week and half. Luckily, those activities will not be at our house!