Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fifteen Months

Wills had his 15 month birthday 2 weeks ago. We finally made it to the pediatrician for our 15 month well check yesterday. It was supposed to be last week on Halloween and I rescheduled it just in case the 3 shots he was getting didn't agree with him. Turns out it was a good choice. He has been pretty fussy and very tired since then. Luckily you can't tell by looking at our photo shoot tonight! 

What you can tell from the photo shoot is that this little boy does not sit still. Eating and reading books are about the only times he is not on the move. He is still not officially walking. He will regularly take 4-5 steps and then realize what he is doing and promptly sit down. He is a super fast crawler and has this funny little half crawl he does when he is carrying something. He still has quite the appetite, but unfortunately he has also developed quite the opinion. He will no longer eat it just because you put it in front of him! We have discovered if you put soy sauce or barbeque sauce on it, you can get him to eat just about anything. 

He is still saying "ba" for ball and has expanded to footballs as well as basketballs. He also says "da" for dog. He uses it for cats too. Another word he has is "boon" for balloons. He still says "mama" and "dada", but they are said for all kinds of things, not just Charles and I. He has said "bye" and "baby" but without any real consistency. He can show you his nose, his toes, his hair, and his ears. Never when you really want him to though! He will always give you a high five when you ask. He also will raise both hands up in the air when you yell "Touchdown"! Any time he does one of these tricks, he claps for himself, which I think is so cute.

One more tooth has appeared since his birthday, so he now has four on top and four on bottom. We started brushing our teeth a couple of months ago. Thank goodness you don't have to do it for two minutes and you don't have to floss. It takes about 30 seconds tops and we are happy if we get to brush across the top and bottom row twice each. We then let him take the toothbrush and do it himself. This consist of him sucking the remaining toothpaste off of the toothbrush and then chewing on the head of the brush so it is now pretty smooshed looking. 

Fifteen Month Stats:
Weight: 24 lbs 3 oz, 42%
Length: 33 inches, 91%
Head Circumference: 48.9 cm, 87%
Clothing Size: 12 to 18 month tops, 18 to 24 month bottoms
Nicknames: Buddy, little man, big man, dude
Must haves: Board books, basketballs, Holly

Wills has become really aware of Holly over the last few months. If she is any where near him he will go over and pet her. He also likes to feed her from his highchair and have her "clean" his hands for him. Yesterday she was sitting up and he crawled over and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. Melted my heart. I am so thankful she is still around for him to know and love. 

I think any day now I will be posting a video of him walking. Stay tuned!

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