Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nine Months

Nine months today! I cannot believe how fast it has gone. Our little guy is still attempting to crawl. There is finally some forward motion going on. I certainly wouldn't call it crawling though. It is more of a shimmy so much we eventually move forward a little. I do think actual crawling is in our near future. He is definitely on the move though. It was a good thing daddy was close by for this month's photo session because there were several attempts to fly off the chair.

Night time sleeping is still amazing. Thankfully we haven't experienced any of the disruptive evenings associated with teething yet. Napping is definitely getting better. Afternoon naps are consistently an hour and sometimes even two. Definitely progress!

Our first tooth actually popped through last night! I was so excited and was cheering and clapping. Wills just started smiling and laughing. He probably wondered why his mommy was acting crazy. He should probably just get used to that now!  We have had so many new foods this month, I won't bore you all with a list. I will say I followed through on my promise for him to have meat. He has had chicken and fish this month. He has yet to turn anything down. Finger foods are big excitement around here, both for Wills and Holly. He loves blueberries the best, but we try to only give them to him for dinner since we go straight to the bath after that. It's amazing how messy a little person can be.

Nine Month Stats:
Weight: 20 lbs 3 oz (50th percentile)
Length: 29 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 46.8 cm (90th percentile)
Clothing Size: I think our growing is finally slowing down. 9 months fit great now. 
Nicknames: Buddy, Buster, pumpkin
Must haves: Sophie the giraffe, board books, Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, the basketball is by far the favorite
April 13th Laying down to sitting up
April 15th Redbud Classic
April 22nd Army crawl
April 23rd First Tooth!
April 24th Graduated from swim lessons

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