Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Newborn Pictures

When Wills was 10 days old, we headed to Edmond to see Kristi of Twice Blessed Photography. We were having our newborn pictures taken!

Wills did amazing. We got up early that morning and ate, then we took a bath, and then we ate again, and then we headed to Edmond. Wills fell asleep in the car on the drive and proceeded to sleep for the next two and half hours. He woke up at the very end of the session ready to eat again!

To see some highlights from his photo session, you can check out my facebook page. 

To see the rest, you can go to the Twice Blessed Photography client proofing page and enter wills831 as the password. You will need to hurry though, because it will only be up for 14 days!

We were so pleased with Kristi and how the pictures turned out. We will be seeing her again in late October/early November for our 3 month photos!

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  1. I LOVE the pictures. He looks so cute and snuggly!! I can't wait until I get to meet and hold him. You're looking great. Miss you! Love,