Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Birth" Day Visitors

We tried to get a picture of Wills with all his visitors on his "Birth" Day. We were not 100% successful with this. For one thing, neither one of his grandpas would hold him. They want him to be a little more substantial and maybe have some head control first! =) Other times, we just kind of forgot.

Here is Wills getting lots of love from his new friends and family:
Aunt Sara and Grammy


Our pediatrician (and friend) Kris. She will be providing Wills with a girlfriend sometime in late August.

Kris' husband Dave

Caroline, who just had baby Blaine last Thursday. Another girlfriend for Wills!


Aunt Janice

One of Wills' Godparents, Nelson


Dressed to head home from the hospital.

First time in the car seat. Not a fan!

Our "Birth" Day cookie cake that we got from our Godparents, Erin and Nelson

Baby Boy wreath Aunt Sara made

Gigantic cupcakes from Aunt Janice

So many visitors and so many treats. This is one blessed little boy!

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  1. Leslie. What sweet photos of your friends with Wills! My heart is over joyed to see him. He is a doll. I can't wait to meet him too. Love you friend!