Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never thought I would say this

but I am actually super excited to be doing laundry!

We moved into our house just over a month ago and our washer and dryer just got installed on Sunday. That is a whole lot of laundry piled up!

We ordered our washer and dryer and they actually came in the day we moved to the new house. However we decided we wanted to buy the pedestals for them too, and the did not come in until last week. So Sunday night when we got back into town from Arkansas, Charles and I hooked them up. It was not a smooth process and took us way longer than we had anticipated. I think this was my fault. At mass that morning I had prayed for our marriage to be strengthened. I think God was giving us an opportunity to test that =)

We finally got them installed a few hours later. Here they are in all their fabulousness!

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