Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, November 29, 2010

Joys of owning a home

So less than a month after we had been in our house we discovered a slab leak! The worst part was that we had to turn on and off the hot water every time we wanted to take a shower. It was so inconvenient.

Here is the repair process

Here is how we tried to make this fun


We put Holly's paw in it too, but it didn't work out so well

We had to stay off of it for 72 hours, so here is our barrier to block Holly

The crazy part is, the hole in the pipe was about the size of a pin head. So tiny it wouldn't even show up in a picture! The silver lining is that we are getting all new floors because they couldn't find an exact match. That fun process, which could take up to four days, starts December 6th.

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