Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ethan's Birthday!

Today, my darling adorable fabulous and fun nephew Ethan turned 2! Happy Birthday Ethan! Uncle Charles and Aunt Leslie love you!

Isn't he adorable!

My sister Sara, Ethan's super cool mom, threw him a pirate themed birthday party yesterday. Sara is crazy busy. She teaches junior high math and science and she is working on her master's degree. With all of this, she still decided to go the DIY route for many things for his party. The pictures below are the details of the party. I'll post people pictures another day.

Pirate ship with plank

Pirate ship with door

A friend from high school posted these pirate ships on facebook. She had a pirate themed party for her son and she wanted to get rid of these, but didn't want to throw them away because she worked so hard on them. My sister happily took them off her hands.  She placed one in the front yard and the other in the back by the entrance to the pool. Ethan loved climbing around in them!

Treasure Chest

We made this from cardboard boxes, black duct tape, jewels, and a hot glue gun. It was surprisingly easy.

She made this sign to keep people from coming through the house. It sent them around back to the pool.

Gift bags for the kiddos.

She bought black gift bags and used a foam stamp and white ink to get the bags in theme. They had eye patches, pirate hats, pirate rubber ducks and all kinds of other fun stuff in them. 

Crocodile clothespins

Sara painted clothespins green and the inside white. She then cut out cardstock in the shape of the ridge on the crocodile's back and painted that green too. She hot glued that to the top of the clothespins and then hot glued the googley eyes on. They turned out really cute.

Home made mini cupcakes and pirate cookies from Paul's Bakery

Cake, from Confectionately Yours

Sara put a lot of effort into Ethan's party. I know all of the grown up guests appreciated it!

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