Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, March 10, 2014

Valentine's day 2014

I was able to go to Will's school Valentine Party on the Thursday before Valentine's Day. They did a little music program and then had snacks and treats. He does not really participate when I am there. His teachers assure me when I am not there, he is really involved.

Since this is our first year in school, this was his first year to do Valentines. He is really into Thomas the Train and Star Wars (Aunt Janice gave him a Star Wars book for Christmas and we read it multiple times a day). I couldn't bring myself to do Thomas Valentines this year, so I found some cute Star Wars ones and went with those. 

Wills and Ephram made Valentine hats with Miss Michelle.

On Valentine's Day, I made Wills an all pink breakfast and he had his Valentine gifts at his high chair. Ephram had his on his bouncy chair.

Strawberry yogurt, strawberries and grapes, and cherry kringle

He was super excited about getting Belle the train, because she has water cannons!

We went to Arkansas for Valentines weekend.
This is Wills on the monitor. Saturday morning, he pulled his glasses and a book into bed with him so he could "read" while he patiently waited for someone to come get him up. This made me so happy!

Impossible to get all 3 looking at the same time. Or without one crying (It was Wills, because he was having to sit by Ephram)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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