Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ephram at Three Months

So I started back to work for a week. Then I took off for a week for Ephram's surgery. Then I went back to work for good. I was dreading going back to work and I was dreading Ephram's surgery even more. It's nice to have both of those things behind us. Now we can get into a normal routine!

Ephram has still been in our room this month. His surgery completely messed up his sleeping and eating schedule, so for a while there it was like having a newborn again. Thankfully he is getting back on track. He will be getting evicted from our room very soon and the sleep training will commence!

He is smiling machine these days. We miss his old smile, but his new smile is beautiful as well! We aquaphor his face every night and he LOVES it. He just smiles and laughs the entire time. I usually do this after I have massaged the vitamin E oil and put the scar ointment on his scar. He does not like that at all. I had read from other cleft mommies that their kiddos didn't like it and they weren't kidding. He gets really ticked when we do this. Luckily putting the aquaphor on his cheeks settles him back down pretty quick.

He really loves to people watch. Whether it is Wills or the other babies in his kindermusik class, people watching can keep him pretty occupied. He also loves his activity gym, particularly in the light mode. He is halfway rolling over from back to front. He gets on his side, but hasn't quite figured out how to get his arm out of the way to get all the way over.

Three Month Stats:
Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz
Clothing Size: 3 months are out, 3-6 months are the best fit now.
Nicknames: Buddy, Brother
Must Haves: Lillebaby carrier is still my best friend! Wubanubs are also still very important. His activity gym is a favorite of his.

Brothers side by side:
Wills                          Ephram

Wills hasn't really made any advancements in regards to Ephram over the last month. I am sure all the extra attention Ephram required post op and me going back to work had something to do with this. Hopefully now that we are into a routine things will improve.

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