Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pre Op

Ephram had his lip repair surgery on January 8th. Before he could have the surgery, we had a few pre op appointments to get through. 

He had his two month well check on Friday January 3rd. Charles wanted me to ask our pediatrician about Ephram's breathing. When he breathes in, his chest sinks in a lot more than expected. His doctor said it is called pectus excavatum. Don't google it, because I did and it totally freaked me out because they only show worst case scenarios. Turns out Charles had it when he was little and he out grew it, so hopefully Ephram will too. Our pediatrician did recommend an echocardiogram at some point because there can be some heart issues associated with it. Since we were scheduled for surgery the next week, we decided to go ahead and have it done. We didn't want to risk the anesthesiologist being uncomfortable with it and canceling the surgery. 

On Monday, January 6th we had our pre op appointment with our surgeon. They gave us our instructions which were no formula 8 hours before surgery, no breast milk 4 hours before, and clear pedialyte or water 2 hours before. We were told to check in at 6:30 Wednesday morning and that Ephram was first up at 8:30. 

We then went over to Children's to check in for the echo and EKG. Definite benefit of Charles still being at OU was that they worked us in so quickly and he talked to the pediatric cardiologist directly. Ephram did awesome for his testing and looked pretty cute too!

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