Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Or as Charles calls it, "Pre Pre Pre K,  Because then it sounds even more ridiculous".

We went to visit on Sunday so Wills could see his classroom and meet his teachers. He stuck pretty close to Charles and I, but they had lots of trucks and buses for him to play with so he was pretty happy with that. When it was time to leave, he threw a major fit. Unfortunately I have experienced one of these before, but Charles never had, and it is definitely something we don't want to repeat! We were hoping the devastation at leaving would be a good sign for today, the first day of school.

Thankfully  my work is allowing me to go in late on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can take Wills to preschool. We got up and ready this morning and I attempted taking his picture and he kept running away from me and saying "no". Here are the best I could get.

He is wearing his shirt from his birthday party. I figured when else is a shirt with a school bus and your name on it going to be appropriate?

When it was time to leave I asked if he was ready for school and he was. We got in the car without any fuss and drove the very short drive to school. It is maybe a mile from our house.

We pulled in the parking lot and he said "We're here". We saw a friend from church right when we got there. They aren't' in the same class, but I'm sure it was good to see another familiar face. When we got to our classroom, we took off our backpack, put it in our cubby, and went straight for the firetruck.

I gave him a kiss and told him Miss Michelle would be picking him up. He whimpered as I walked away, but his teacher Miss Jill distracted him and by the time I was out the door in the hallway he had forgotten all about me. Overall a great start!

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