Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, August 1, 2013

24 months

It feels like such a long time since I wrote one of these. We went in today for our 2 year well check. Wills' allergies kicked back in on Monday, so I was a little concerned they might not consider him well enough, but thankfully they did. At our appointment today we got one shot and he had his finger pricked to check his iron levels. They did this because he is on the slim side, a somewhat picky eater and I have a history of anemia. His iron levels were just fine, so no worries there. Looking back at our last appointment with shots, Wills took a monster nap that afternoon. Sadly for me, this was not the case today. I put him down just after 2 and he laid in his bed chatting and calling the hogs for almost an hour. He finally fell asleep just before 3 and only slept for 45 minutes. If he sleeps any less than an hour, we usually pay for it around bedtime.

(yes, we like to wear shoes with our pjs)

Wills is still constantly on the move and usually at a very quick pace. We have a pretty great backyard for playing, so he is out there a lot. His cozy truck and his water table are big favorites when he is outside. We joined the Santa Fe Family Life Center again this summer to use their pool. He absolutely loves it when we go to the pool. They have a baby pool that he really likes to play in and then they have a big pool where we practice our swimming. When we are in the big pool, he will get on his belly and say "kick, kick, kick" while he kicks his feet to get wherever he want to go. It is super cute. The picky eating continues. There are some days he eats so much I can't believe it and other days I think he is surviving on air. Charles and I just remind ourselves that he is not going to let himself starve. He is still great at eating fruit, but you never know with anything else. Unless it's a sno cone. That is always a sure thing!

Language is still progressing. His vocabulary is pretty large and he has lots of 2 and 3 word combinations. He can name all of our immediate family, as well as all of his friends. Wills knows his shapes and colors. We are working on counting and the alphabet. Some days he seems like he gets it and other days not so much. He starts preschool next month and I am super excited about seeing how they help him progress. He still loves books and even has a few favorites he makes you read over and over. He will ask for Curious George, Llama and the Dinosaur books by name.

On the teeth front, I feel like they are all there, but honestly I am not going to stick my fingers in there to find out. He has been drooling quite a bit lately, so maybe he is getting his 2 year molars? Brushing our teeth is still a chore most days. We try it in the bathtub, on the changing table, standing on our step stool. We never know which way is the right way on that particular day!

Twenty Four Month Stats:
Weight: 27 lbs 12 oz, 47%
Length: 36 inches, 91%
Clothing Size: 18 to 24 month and 2T tops, 2T bottoms cinched at the waist or using dapper snappers
Nicknames: Buddy, little man, dude
Must haves: Transportation vehicles of any kind, books, Learning Tower, Holly

Wills' world is going to be shaken up over the next few months. He will start preschool in August, we will be moving him to a new bedroom, and he will be getting a little brother in October. Hopefully he will handle this all with grace. If not, hopefully God will give Charles and I the tools to handle it all with grace ourselves!


  1. Love these updates! Looking at the 0 months to 24 months...what a difference 2 years makes. He is so precious! (and tall!)

  2. He is so big now. Such a kid.