Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wills' 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy! I cannot believe how quickly the last two years have gone.

We tried to make today a little extra special for Wills, even though we both had to work. Charles actually got to go in late today, so he got to be home for the morning festivities as well.

Wills' morning started off with a camera in his face.

He got to open a couple of gifts.

Then he had a big boy breakfast made by Daddy, which consisted of toast, vegetarian bacon, blueberries and scrambled eggs with candles.

After work, we headed to the pool to play and have dinner.

Then we went to Braum's so he could have his very first ice cream cone. He was a fan. 

He got to go to bed past bedtime tonight too. Hopefully this won't cause an earlier wake up time tomorrow!

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