Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Future Artist

On Monday, Wills and I decided to do a little finger painting. I had received an artist kit for babies 6 months and up in one of my Citrus Lane boxes. If you have little ones and you aren't a member, you should totally do it. We have received some really awesome things in our monthly boxes. Plus it's always fun to open because it's like a present!

This is the art kit we got:

The great thing is that it is completely organic. Made from fruits and vegetables, gluten and dairy free. This is awesome because Wills likes to put everything in his mouth and I don't have to worry about this stuff. It came with two colors of paint mix and two crayons.

Like all good artists, we had to strip down to start our project:


He wasn't real sure what to think in the beginning, but I think he enjoyed it in the end. Definitely a future Jackson Pollock on our hands! He was a bit of a mess afterwards, so it was time for some skinny dipping.

I just love my days off with him!

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