Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

31 week check

Today was my 31 week check up. Everything looks good. Still have low normal blood pressure and Baby Te's heart rate is normal. I will have two more 2 week check ups and then we will move to every week.

I also had a prenatal massage today. My upper back has been really bothering me. I think because I am sleeping at really awkward angles. I am a stomach sleeper, so not being able to lay on my stomach has been tough. The yoga has helped, but not solved it. The massage today was amazing. They didn't have one of those tables with the hole cut out for you belly, so I was  a little disappointed about that. But the massage was really great. She focused on my upper back and really went after it. I don't typically like massages, but I really feel like this one did what I needed it too. I might need to schedule them regularly =)

Now that I am so relaxed, I think I am going to go take a nap. Hopefully I can sleep like a normal pregnant person and not mess up all the work my massage therapist did this morning!

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