Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, August 31, 2015

South Bend, IN May 1-3

We headed to South Bend, IN the first weekend in May for one of Charles' cousins wedding. She had asked Wills to be the coin bearer. I actually tried to talk her out of it, but it didn't work! At this point in time, he was extremely uncooperative with pictures and I really wasn't sure how he would do walking down the aisle and sitting through the full Catholic mass. He surprised us all by totally rocking the actually ceremony. He walked down the aisle like a champ and was quite and attentive all through the service. Unlike his little bother. Ephram and I spent most of the wedding hanging out in the foyer. Wills did hold true to form with the pictures though. I'm not sure they got a photo with him in it. On this trip we also discovered our children will stay up forever if you let them. The night of the wedding was the mayweather pacquiao fight. We went to a cousins house to watch it and let all the kids play since they don't see each other very much. I was just sure that at one point I would turn around and they would be passed out. Never happened. They boys were up until 1AM and would have kept on going had we not gone back to the hotel and put them to bed!

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