Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Activities!

Our first Halloween activity was on Ephram's birthday. We went to Storybook Forest.

The next day was Ephram's Birthday Party, which was a Halloween costume party!

(Full post of the birthday party to come)

That evening, Emily and Zach took the boys to the Myriad for their annual Halloween party in Pumpkinville.

On Sunday, we went to church for Trunk or Treat.

Tuesday we went to "Haunt the Zoo" with our friends Jill and Cayman.

Thursday, Wills had his Halloween party at school. Charles and I both came and then took him to lunch afterwards.

And Friday, it was finally the real deal! We joined up with the Fong's and Prater's in the Fong's neighborhood and mommies took kids trick or treating and daddies stayed home with baby Sybil to hand out candy. Wills thought he was a big kid and did his best to keep up with Hudson and Maddy. Ephram rode in the wagon the entire time and did a great job.

So last year, Wills boycotted and refused to wear his costume. This year, he was totally into it and wore 3 different ones (Larry Boy, Spiderman and a TMNT). Larry Boy was the favorite and the one worn the most. Next year he will be a one costume kid so we can try to do a family theme again!

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