Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, September 23, 2013

35 weeks

We hit 35 weeks on Thursday and I had my monthly appointment with my perinatologist on Friday. Here is what Te2 looks like now. The ultrasound tech said she was having a hard time getting good pictures of his face because he was pressed up so closely to my placenta. I guess he is running out of room!

For some reason I have never asked for them to show me where they were seeing palate involvement, so at this appointment I did. Dr. Smith (the perinatologist) said that it is still really hard to see the whole palate because he doesn't open his mouth wide for them to see inside. She was able to show us his upper gum line and where there is a gap in the bone. This pretty much confirms palate involvement, so now we know. 

They got Te2 weighing in at 8 lbs today. Assuming he is truly 8 lbs and he gains the 1/2 lb a week he is supposed to gain between now and our due date of 10/24, we will have a 10 lb baby! Hopefully they are overestimating by a pound and he is only 7 lbs right now. 

I should technically have one more appointment with Dr. Smith before my due date, however she does not think that we will make it to our due date, so we didn't schedule anything. If I am still pregnant at that point, then they will see me one more time. 

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