Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Philadelphia 2013

Charles had a conference in Philadelphia last weekend. One of my best friends from graduate school just happens to live there, so Wills and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to go visit Aunt Nicholete.  Wills hasn't been on a plane since last July and it was not great. We flew during nap time which was a mistake. He refused to nap on the plane and ended up vomiting all over me. Needless to say, I was a little anxious about this flight. We decided since he won't sleep on a plane, we wouldn't fly during nap time. We got up Friday morning and headed to the airport. We left him in his pj's because our flight was at 7am.

He actually slept on the entire flight to Chicago and played on the iPad on the flight to Philadelphia.

Aunt Nicholete picked up us at the airport and took us to our hotel, the Westin. We all promptly took an afternoon nap.

After our nap, we headed to Rittenhouse Square, one of the four squares of Philadelphia.

We then went and had a yummy dinner at Marathon where Wills decided he needed a cat nap and I decided I needed a milkshake.

On Saturday, Charles headed to learn and Wills and I went to Aunt Nicholete's for breakfast. We then went to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We also stopped at Franklin Square for Wills to run around on the play ground.

After that, we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon nap and to wait for Charles to get finished with his day of learning. When he was done, we headed back out to see the Magic Garden, which is giant mosaic a guy made after he had a nervous breakdown. Pretty neat to see, but the stairs were a bit of a nightmare for us since that is all Wills wanted to do.

We then went and ate another delicious dinner at Jones restaurant. Wills devoured their glazed carrots. I think it helped that they were cut to look like french fries!

On Sunday, Charles headed back to class to learn and Wills, Nicholete and I headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to climb the steps made famous in Rocky.

After hanging with Rocky, it was time to go pack up our stuff, pick up Charles, and head to the Amtrak station where we rode the train to NYC. I don't think Wills could tell we were on a train. He played Mickey Mouse Road Rally and then took a little nap. 

We had a wonderful time in Philadelphia with Aunt Nicholete and can't wait to see her again soon!

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