Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Trip to the Zoo!

Wills' had his first trip to the zoo today. We went early to beat the heat and the crowds. Unfortunately, I think we were so early most of the animals were still snoozing. We did get to see a few though. A gorilla that really liked Wills and sat down right in front of him staring. He didn't move until we walked away! We also got to feed some giraffes which was really neat. It was so fun going with all of our friends. I think this should be a regular activity for us!
They have on matching camo shorts :)

The gorilla that wanted to keep Wills

Blaine and Wills

Most of our group

In the bat room. Daddy was not a fan.

Family photo

Feeding the giraffes

Passed out after an exciting morning

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