Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, May 14, 2012


I lost track of time last month and neglected to post about a few of the neat things Wills got to do.

One was the Great Cloth Diaper Change.I think most of you know we use cloth diapers. We joke that it is a cult, because those that do it love it. And who would think you could love anything about diapers? Anyway, this is something they do to help raise awareness of the benefits of cloth diapering. This year, the local event was held at the Oklahoma Science Museum. They had a raffle, informational sessions about babywearing, diapers, etc and then the actual change happened at 11 am. The first 100 people got a free goody bag. The doors opened at 9 and Wills and I got there at 9:30. Sadly we did not get a goody bag. Those cloth diapering mammas are crazy and some of them got there at 8 just to be sure they got a bag! =) It''s okay though, because we did win one of the raffle prizes and it was the one I really wanted.

Getting ready for the big change

I was joking with one of the other mom's about how the babies probably thought we were all nuts. Especially those getting changed who had dry diapers!

Wills' certificate of participation

We also went to the Festival of the Arts. We go for the gourmet fair food. We are too cheap for the art! I decided to wear Wills in the Moby because it is so crowded we didn't want to mess with the stroller. I still can't decide if this was the best choice or not. 

I had a giant black bean and spinach burrito. It was really tasty. I usually get the Indian taco and decided to try something new this year. While the burrito was good, I was sad I skipped out on the taco. Charles had some amazing catfish and french fries. We then shared a banana fudge sundae and fried peaches with ice cream. The fried peaches were amazing as usual!

Charles ran in the OKC Memorial Marathon relay this month too. He had the longest leg, a 12k. Wills and I had grand plans of being there at the part where he finished to cheer him on. Unfortunately it was raining, so we didn't make it. We did go and pick him up so he didn't have to walk the almost 8 miles back to his car!

Speaking of cults....Crossfit is it's own cult.

The last thing we did this month, which was actually all month, was swim lessons. Every Tuesday and Thursday in April Wills took swim lessons at the local YMCA. It was parent/child swim lessons, so I swam on Tuesdays and Charles swam on Thursdays. Wills' friend Blaine and her parents joined us for lessons. It was a lot of fun. He hasn't quite mastered the backstroke yet, but I'm sure we will get there. 

Looking back, we actually did quite a lot in April. I'll attempt to do better next month so there won't be one extremely long synopsis post! 

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