Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eight Months

We have made it to eight months! Wills is growing so fast. Every time we tell people how old he is they always remark that he is a big boy. Charles even mentioned the other day that he is getting chunky. I am sure once he starts crawling that will change some. He still scoots backwards and now he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He just hasn't quite figured out what to do next.
His night time sleeping is still going great. He has completely given up his evening cat nap. This is bad because he has also decided that his afternoon nap only needs to be 30-45 minutes. This leads to some super fussy evenings and falling asleep while eating. I am trying to figure out how to get him to nap longer in the afternoon, but so far no luck. Suggestions would be appreciated!

Still no teeth!! Luckily this doesn't stop him from eating like a champ. We have added a protein for breakfast and lunch in addition to our grain and fruit/vegetable. New foods this month include plums, zucchini, parsnips, tofu, lentils, black beans, egg yolk, and regular oatmeal and rice. For those of you concerned that I will be turning him into a vegetarian, we will be adding meat to his diet at some point this month.

Eight Month Stats:
Weight: 19.8 lbs
Length: we didn't even try this month, he is too wiggly!
Clothing Size: 6 month tops still fit but the pants are too short. 9 months are still the best fit
Nicknames: Buddy, Buster, pumpkin
Must haves: Sophie the giraffe, his carrot, board books, new this month is his basketball 
February 29 Waved (Charles insists this was a fluke and he might be right because it has only happened twice since then)
March 4 Sat in high chair at a restaurant
March 12 Swinging at the park
March 14 Rode in a shopping cart like a big boy

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