Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Five Months

So our little guy has turned 5 months old and he is just amazing. He is such a good baby and is so laid back. He definitely gets that from Charles. He is usually only upset when he is hungry. I think he gets that from me!

I am so happy to report that we turned a corner on the napping. Wills now consistently takes 3 naps a day. One for about an hour in the morning, a one to two hour nap in the afternoon and a little cat nap in the evening. He is also still sleeping from 8:30 to 7:30. It is so nice having a child that apparently likes to sleep as much as his parents do!

We are still drooling like crazy. We went shopping the other day and I was wearing him in the moby. I stood still for a few minutes and I swear he left a puddle of drool on the floor! His new favorite toys right now are his own hands and feet. He loves to put his entire hand in his mouth and is trying so hard to get one of his feet in there too. He hasn't quite accomplished that yet. 

Five Month Stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 
Length: He is to hard to measure ourselves. We go to the doctor next month, so we will have an official measurement then.
Clothing Size: 6 months fit perfectly, still squeezing into some 3 month tops, but the 3 month pants are long gone
Nicknames: Buddy, Buster, pumpkin 
Must haves: Sophie the giraffe, wooden blocks, his hands and feet
November 29 First night without the swaddle
December 10 First time with a babysitter other than Grammy (it was Miss Michelle)
December 21 First arts and craft project
December 24 First Christmas Eve

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  1. Love. He is so cute and smiley for the camera now! I wish I was home to meet him last weekend :( Hopefully I'll get to see him before he's on the move!