Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sip and See

This weekend we made our way to Arkansas for the first time since Wills arrived. He did great in the car and adjusted to all the big changes easily.

On Saturday, my sister threw Wills a party so that all our Arkansas friends and family could come out and meet him.

Family photo

rocking the "Hug Magnet" shirt

with cousin Vanessa 

our newest friend, baby Drake who was a week old that day

with Ms. Sue
cousin Ethan
with Rachel, who will be providing another little boy to play with in late October

 side by side comparison with Barrett, who is 4 months old (we have some catching up to do!)
with Ms. Autry

We had such a great time catching up with everyone. Thanks so much to Aunt Sara for throwing the party for us. It was amazing!

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  1. I'm jealous I haven't gotten to see him in person yet. Glad y'all had a good time and got to see everyone!